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How to move to LiveChat's WhatsApp Business Direct Payment hub

Updated: Feb 8

As your business continues to expand and more and more customers are engaging with your brand using WhatsApp, you can exceed the 1,000 conversation-free monthly limits before even you know it.

In this article, you will learn how to switch to the most budget-friendly option to pay for your conversations and to make sure you're investing the right amount at any given moment to grow your business using WhatsApp.

Benefits of changing to LiveChat's WhatsApp Business Direct Payment hub

The unquestionable biggest advantage for you to make a move to LiveChat's Direct Payment hub is that you will be charged directly according to WhatsApp pricing inside 360dialog. This is by far the most affordable option for you as you pay the exact rate WhatsApp charges business per conversation usage without needing to buy pre-packaged conversations.

Pre-packaged conversations are inherently more costly due to the need to make certain assumptions about the type of your conversations and the location of your customers, both of which are critical factors in determining beforehand the fees charged by WhatsApp.

Additionally, you will gain a new and powerful Billing section in 360dialog, allowing you to set some rules about how you spend your money on conversations, set spent thresholds, and the ability to auto-renew the balance by a set amount.

Additionally, you will be able to estimate your future costs of conversations using the "cost estimate" tool. This will give you an idea of how big of a budget you'd need to set aside for your WhatsApp Channel.

How to change to LiveChat's WhatsApp Business Direct Payment hub

Switching to the Direct Payment hub is very simple, and the entire submission process should take a couple of minutes at most. All you have to do is to log into your 360dialog profile and:

1. Go to Profile > Organization Settings > Request partner change

2. Enter the LiveChat's Partner ID: 1sA3v9PA

3. Click Continue to the next step

4. Confirm terms > Submit Partner Change Request

Please note that during this step, you will be asked to provide payment details, e.g., your credit card, which will be used for your future conversation payments as well as your payment processing monthly subscription fee which is currently $25.

5. Finally, we are notified about your request to move to the Direct Payment hub, and as soon as we get the notification from 360dialog/WhatsApp, we will approve your request

The process of moving your WhatsApp Account to the new hub may take up to 24hours, but during this time, you will be able to receive all messages from your customer normally.


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