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WhatsApp Business: Step by step onboarding guide

WhatsApp Business uses the official WhatsApp Business API, which makes it:

  • Stable and secure

  • Capable of handling the heaviest traffic

  • Independent of a smartphone — all you need is a phone number.

The use of the official WhatsApp API is possible because of the API’s integration with 360dialog, a verified WhatsApp Solution Provider.

1. Once you’ve confirmed the purchase, select Finish installation.

If you need to finish the installation later, go to Settings>Manage Apps>WhatsApp Business. 2. In a Popup, select Allow to provide all necessary permissions.

3. In WhatsApp Business Settings, Click the “Add a number” button to connect the integration with 360dialog and provide your WhatsApp number.

4. In a popup, follow the steps visible on a screen. You’ll need a valid phone number and Facebook Business Account to be able to complete the installation.

5. The page will reload, and voila! You are now successfully connected to WhatsApp Business. When a customer writes to you on WhatsApp, you’ll see it on your chat list! Now you can route chats to a dedicated group of agents and handle high-traffic chat all in the LiveChat Agent app. WhatsApp Business provides support for the most commonly used file formats: text messages, photos, documents, voice recordings, location. The WhatsApp chats will just appear on the list of chats and be assigned to the agents who are online. If your agents are offline or you have Manual selection set up, the WhatsApp messages appear on the list of Unassigned chats.

​The messages will be marked with a little WhatsApp icon next to the name of the customer. You will also be able to see the customer’s phone number in the Details bar on the right.

Owing to the Facebook/WhatsApp policy, you have 24 hours to respond to a message. After that time, the chat will be archived and you won’t be able to reply. This policy is in place to protect against spamming.

The integration supports rich messages, however, it does not support multiple types of buttons within one message. If you’re using ChatBot, make sure that each rich message contains only one type of button, e.g. only quick replies, only URLs, etc.

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