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Customer Satisfaction: step-by-step onboarding guide

Initial installation

After installing the Customer Satisfaction app from LiveChat's marketplace, we have the first good news for you! Your setup is now complete, and you and your agents can immediately start sending NPS surveys and gather feedback from your customers!

We made sure all default settings are in place for you to start your customer-centric journey in no time.

The second good news is that we made the integration in a way that will allow you to send the NPS survey not only via the web widget but also through social channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Messages, and many more!

Changing the default settings page

At any time, you can change the default settings in Manage apps > Customer Satisfaction page:

Here, you can configure a basic message flow and change the working of the messages that best reflect what your business is doing and what kind of feedback you'd like to gather.

Integrating your Customer Satisfaction with Chatbot

Integrating the Customer Satisfaction app into your Chatbot story is really straightforward and shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.

Please follow the instructions provided in our step-by-step Chatbot integration guide.


Got any questions?

Didn't find the answers you were looking for? Contact us directly - we're ready to answer any of your questions.


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