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Easy way to add WhatsApp to your website with LiveChat

Texting your friends is easy, so why shouldn't it be just as simple for your customers to chat with you on your website?

Well, good news – adding WhatsApp to your site is a breeze, and when you throw in LiveChat, it's like giving your website a VIP pass to the messaging party.

No tech wizardry is required! In this article, we're spilling the beans on the easiest way to make your website as chatty as your group chat. Get ready to level up your customer communication game – it's time to turn your website into a texting powerhouse with these easy steps.

1. Start by going to Engage > Campaigns:

Here you can see all your campaigns, so let's start by clicking the "New campaign" button.

2. Choose the template that suits you best, we will go ahead and choose Engage customers

This is the message your website visitors will see when browsing your website even before they click on the LiveChat icon.

3. Now let's define the buttons!

The first one is for starting the chat directly on the website using the chat widget, so let's choose the style, action is "Send message" and a button text.

Next, let's add another button. We can call it WhatsApp, add an icon, and choose the "Open URL" action. In the URL section use this line:[your_phone_number]

simply insert the phone number you want to use at the end of the URL and insert it in the "Website URL" section.

Thanks to this, when your customers click on this link it will open the WhatsApp app if they are browsing your website on mobile, or on desctop a WhatsApp page to scan a QR code or open their WhatsApp desctop app.

4. Finally, set the conditions when you'd like the message to appear

You can add several conditions here, as the solution is pretty flexible to accommodate your needs. Now, let's start with a simple rule, that the message should appear 1 second after entering the website.

That's it! Now, when you turn this feature live, your website visitors will see the option to contact you via web chat or through WhatsApp!

Happy WhatsApping!


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