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Telegram for Business: step-by-step onboarding guide

Ready to connect your Telegram account to LiveChat? Great! It will take just a minute!

Explore our user-friendly tutorial to seamlessly integrate Telegram for Business with LiveChat, enhancing customer interactions for maximum delight!

How to connect your Telegram Bot with a LiveChat account?

1. After confirming the installation on the Marketplace, select Finish installation and click Allow to provide all necessary permissions. 2. You’ll see this screen ->

3. Enter the Authentication token for the bot you want to connect to and choose a group of agents you want to assign to service this bot. Next, click the “Connect” button.

4. And that's it. Congrats! You’re all set and can talk with your Telegram customers

As a welcome gift, you get 50 FREE chats! It's a great way to test how well your Telegram Bots work with LiveChat. After you use all of the free chats, you can talk with your Telegram customers for only $10 a month!


With the Telegram for Business app, you can:

  • Connect your Telegram account with LiveChat in just 1 minute

  • Conveniently talk to your Telegram customers via LiveChat

  • Have the first 50 chats for free

  • Have as many Telegram Bots as you wish on one license

  • Route inquiries from Telegram to the appropriate agents or departments

Install Telegram for Business today and enhance your customer experience!


Got any questions?

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