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What are Rich Messages and how to use them to boost your sales?

Nowadays, standard communication based solely on text is no longer sufficient. Customers want to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible and with minimal effort. At the same time, it’s tough to get their attention: they expect short answers, immediate solutions, and a professional touch. Rich messages step in to meet these modern expectations seamlessly.

What is a Rich Message?

A Rich Message is a visually attractive message you can create to boost your customer experience.

It can contain:

  • Message text, obviously😉

  • Images

  • Buttons, where you can put links, predefine responses, or a phone number


When creating a Rich Message, you decide what should happen after sending it. You can continue chatting normally, transfer a chat to a specific group, tag it with your chosen tags, send a webhook to your website, end the talk, or, if needed, ban the customer you’re talking to.


Before delving into the various types of Rich Messages, let's tackle the most crucial question:

Why is it a good idea to use Rich Messages?

With Rich Messages, you can:

  • Save time and money easily, as you can create it once and use it all the time

  • Improve click-through-rate with an engaging message format

  • Boost your customer experience, as chatting with you will be both fun and effective

  • Smoother conversations with quick replies, reducing hiccups

Types of Rich Messages

A single card

A card is a message designed to showcase a single product, service, or category. Additionally, it serves as an ideal template for promo codes, thank-you messages, and more. It can look like this:

A carousel

Carousel is made from multiple cards and can show up to 10 cards that your customer can scroll to see more of your products or services at once. You can use it as a beautiful catalog of your goods, a visually pleasant list of bestsellers, etc.

Quick replies

Quick replies are a type of message you can send your customers, along with a list of predefined responses that your customer sees as buttons. This lets you quickly conduct a conversation and answer the customer's needs and questions; they just have to pick the answer instead of writing it. This kind of message is perfect for surveilling, asking pre-chat questions that will allow you to redirect customers to the appropriate group of agents, specifying the topic of the conversation, etc.

As you can see, you can create different types of Rich Messages. Each of them can serve more than one purpose, so it’s a perfect time to enlist a few of them.

How can you use Rich Messages?

You can use it in countless creative ways – just peak solutions that work best for your business.

Our clients especially love using Rich Messages to:

  • Present a product or service to a customer in a visually appealing way

  • Highlight the current promotions, hot deals, sales, etc.

  • Give promo codes to their best customers

  • Ask a series of questions that help solve the customer’s issue quicker

  • Send customers beautifully designed location/contact information

  • Give them links to FAQs or other vital information, etc.

Ready to engage your customers and boost your sales with Rich Messages?

Check out the Rich Message configurator and start a 7-day free trial!


Got any questions?

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